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Get cat urine out of your rug or carpet in 9 easy DIY steps

We know that getting rid of cat urine stains can be a real pain. After all, cats are notorious for marking their territory, and sometimes that means your rug. The good news is that there are ways to get rid of cat urine stains without spending a fortune on expensive cleaning products. Here are 9 DIY tips for removing cat urine stains from your rug:

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  1. Scoop up spill with a spoon.
  2. Using a clean towel, blot up as much moisture as possible. Working from the other edge toward the center of the stain, blot or brush light. (Rubbing will spread the stain.) Do not apply a spot remover until you have done a thorough job of blotting.
  3. Apply a dry cleaning fluid with a clean dry cloth. Do not soak. To prevent spreading the stain or causing a ring when using the cleaning solvents, always blot or burhs lightly from the outer edge towards the center of the stain (especially for pile carpets).
  4. Blot
  5. Apply detergent and blot
  6. Apply water and blot
  7. Apply ammonia solution and blot
  8. Apply detergent and blot
  9. Apply water and blot

Things to remember when removing a stain from a rug

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